Civil Division

The Civil Division of the Broome County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the enforcement of all civil process in the County. This division handles matters received from Broome County Courts, from attorneys, and many Broome County residents.

The Civil Division is responsible for numerous services and enforcement of these services, including but not limited to summonses, income and property executions, evictions, and subpoenas. Also included are family court papers and orders of protection.

With any questions regarding the service of process, fees or other civil matters contact:

Civil Office Main Line:                      607-778-2145

Chief Civil Deputy Jesse M. Genter:  607-778-1908

Civil Deputy Daniel Browne:             607-778-6500

Civil Deputy Edward Sakowsky:        607-778-2051

Civil Clerk Gail Lisiesky:                   607-778-2145

Civil Clerk Kristen Townsend:           607-778-2383

Civil Clerk Wendi Curtis:                  607-778-2926

Civil Division Email:  Click Here      (

 The following are lists of ours service and mileage fees:

Income Execution - 1st Stage$50.00
Income Execution - 2nd Stage$50.00
Income Execution - 2nd stage only$50.00
Property Execution$90.00 *
Property Execution Vehicle Deposit$350.00
Property Execution Real Property Deposit$550.00
Summons (with complaint, notice, petition)$15.00 *
Information Subpoena$45.00 *
Subpoena (Duces Tecum)$15.00 *
Citation$15.00 *
Notice to tenant$22.00 *
Order show cause$45.00 *
Notice of Motion$45.00 *
Writ of Habeas Corpus$45.00 *
Order/warrant of Arrest$65.00*
Order of Seizure
- additional defendant served
- with summons and complaint
- each additional service
$90.00 *
Order of Attachment
- additional levy
- with summons and complaint
- each additional service
$85.00 *
Notice of Appeal$30.00 *
Notice of Petition/Petition to Recover
- additional tenant
$47.00 *
Warrant of Eviction
- additional tenant
$112.00 *

* These prices represent service fees only - Please check mileage chart below for mileage fees and send service and mileage fee

Correct amount of copies must be received or a minimum $5.00 will be charged.

  • Property Executions: Original plus 3 copies (front and back)
  • Property Executions must have exemptions notices attached to each copy
  • Income Executions: Original plus 6 copies (front and back)
  • Other Civil Papers: 3 copies for each defendant
  • Eviction Process: 3 Day Notice & Notice Of Petition ( Notice To Tenants) 4 Copies for each Defendant being served
  • Warrant Of Eviction - Original Only
  • Summons, Evictions Etc - Call The Civil Office @ 607.778.2145
  • Income/Property Executions - Call The Civil Office @ 607.778.2926 or 607.778.2383
  • Information subpoenas - Need 4 sets of copies, plus a self addressed envelope
  • Warrant of Eviction - If landlord is not prepared at time of enforcement, additional charge to reschedule.

Mileage chart for Broome County:

Airport$17.00 Lisle$28.00
Binghamton - City$6.00 Maine$20.00
Castle Creek$14.00 Marathon$35.00
Center Village$26.00 McClure$30.50
Chenango Bridge$8.50 Murphy Road$12.00
Chenango Forks$16.00 Nanticoke$26.00
Colesville Road$16.50 Ninevah$28.00
Conklin$12.00 North Sanford$33.00
Conklin Forks$14.00 Port Crane$13.00
Corbettsville$16.50 Port Dickinson$6.00
Damascus$29.00 Pierce Creek Rd$12.00
Deposit$34.00 Richford$30.50
East Maine Road$20.00 Ross Corners$14.00
Endicott$12.00 Sanitaria Springs$16.00
Endwell$9.50 Tracey Creek Rd$16.50
Glen Aubrey$23.50 Triangle$29.00
Glendale$14.00 Tunnel Rd$23.50
Harpursville$24.50 Union Center$15.50
Hawleyton$12.00 Vestal Center$19.50
Johnson City$7.00 Vestal$14.00
Kattelville Road$13.00 West Corners$13.00
Killawog$30.50 Whitney Point$26.00
Kirkwood$13.00 Windsor$26.00
Additional Fee For Servicing Incarcerated Individual$5.00