Planning Services



Comprehensive Plans
The Planning Department provides on-going community technical assistance, including the provision of assistance to municipalities on drafting or updating comprehensive plans. Assistance varies from the full spectrum of planning services to minor assistance such as mapping and/or community surveys. Recent assistance to municipalities includes the following:

Regional Plan Development
The Department oversees and often administers the development of a variety of regional planning efforts.  This service may include the partnering with other municipalities for a government funding request and the subsequent administration and coordination of the project.  Recent examples include:

Land Use Reviews (239)
The Department's legal obligation to conduct reviews and render advisory opinions on land-use proposals covered under NYS General Municipal Law 239 (l) and (m).
239 Review Submission Form

Planning and Zoning Seminars
Host training sessions in land use and zoning issues for local appointed and elected officials. Recent topics included: open meetings law and FOIL, adopting zoning for the first time, understanding SEQR, and a mock site plan review exercise.  Online registration is here.

Grant Assistance
The Department provides assistance to other county departments, municipalities and various community organizations in grant writing and grant administration for projects such as infrastructure improvements, housing activities, and economic and community development projects. Recent successes include a $175,500 for a Brownfield Opportunity Area in the City of Binghamton, almost $750,000 for disaster relief following the floods of 2006, and nearly $450,000 to construct a multi-use trail in the town of Conklin.

Environmental Reviews
Provide assistance regarding the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) to other departments in the county in conjunction with the EMC. Also conduct federal environmental reviews linked to specific projects or grants.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Review, evaluate, and rate county departmental requests for projects to be included in the CIP. The ratings are then given to the Budget and Research Department for inclusion in the Capital Improvement Program.

Demographic and Related Data & Research
Provide demographic data products such as census figures, as well as other data including business and construction figures, to the Broome County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), the public and the private sector. The department can also research more specific areas or topics.

Agricultural District Reviews
Mandated under Article 25AA of the NYS Agriculture and Markets Law. The intent of the law is to preserve, protect and encourage the development and improvement of agricultural land for the production of food and other agricultural products within designated districts in each county. Broome County has three such districts. Reviews are conducted to measure the effectiveness of the District with respect to its compliance with the intent of the law and to modify its boundaries as necessary.