Largest Clean Energy Project Ever in Broome County Goes Live

Largest Clean Energy Project Ever in Broome County

Broome County Solar Farm Live in Conklin

Estimated Savings over 20 Year Agreement: $2.6 Million


(TOWN OF CONKLIN, NY) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced today that the Broome County solar array is now generating solar electric power. The solar array is located at 399 Broome Corporate Parkway in Conklin.

The County Executive was joined by the Commissioner of Public Works Leslie Boulton for the unveiling. The solar array is located at 399 Corporate Parkway in Conklin. It is on a 22-1/2-acre piece of property owned by the county.

The solar array went online the end of June after being tested and approved by NYSEG. The County partnered with Tesla/SolarCity for the project. Tesla installed and will maintain the systems.

Broome County anticipates the savings in the first year of operation to be $140,000. Assuming that energy trends continue with historical observations, savings could total $2.6-million over 20 years. This was factored based on the versatile energy market and the rate credited by NYSEG.

The solar array is designed and built to offset power used by Broome County. The array is scheduled to produce enough energy in the first year to offset the energy equivalent to over 550 homes in the first year of production. This is based on information provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The total solar array size is approximately 5.2 Mega-watts. The solar array is estimated to produce approximately 6,169,000 kilowatt-hours the first year of production, split approximately half and half between the two arrays.

The energy is being applied to the County Office Building, Floyd L Maines Veterans Memorial Arena, Greater Binghamton Airport Terminal, and the Public Safety Facility. 

County Executive Garnar stated this is the first of several major clean energy projects coming to Broome County.

07/18/2018 - 3:28pm