Integrated County Planning

What is Broome County ICP?
Broome County ICP represents a customer oriented system for delivering human services that builds on community and individual strengths and relies on standards, best practices, and outcomes that are valid and measurable. It seeks to accomplish this by combining several existing planning processes into a more streamlined and understandable process that guides the allocation and management of resources.

ICP's history
The leadership of several human services departments within Broome County government identified the need to integrate the planning and delivery of human services. They desired a mechanism for coordination and collaboration that would provide comprehensive services and minimize duplication. In order to integrate the planning process at the county level, Broome County's human services departments applied for and received a 5 year grant (see proposal - download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) in 1998 from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services.

Investing our resources to build strong families and communities.

Our mission is to establish and maintain an integrated, interagency planning process that will effectively guide us in allocating and managing our human service resources.


Guiding Principles, Goals & Outcomes

Our view of effective integrated planning is centered on the following guiding principles:

  • Coordination, collaboration, and communication with the broader community maximizes our ability to respond to the needs of our residents.
  • A comprehensive needs assessment process should drive human service funding decisions.
  • Our programs and services should build on the strengths of individuals and of our community.
  • A multidisciplinary approach to planning provides the best opportunity to meet the needs of the community.
  • Consumer input is critical to the planning process.
  • Planning will address all areas of human development and family life ( i.e., economic security, physical and emotional health, education, citizenship, and community).
  • Funded programs and services will have empirical support and will be measured against outcomes.
  • Technology enables and supports our efforts.

ICP Goals: Integration of the Broome County human service planning process:

  • To improve the quality of life for Broome County residents.
  • To promote science-based prevention strategies.
  • To foster a rational distribution of resources based on needs, assessment, outcomes management and best practices.
  • To build on individual and community assets.
  • To support a community driven system.
  • To meet community needs through involvement and empowerment of individuals and families.
  • To promote change at the state and local levels.

ICP Outcomes:

  • County-wide, comprehensive needs assessment.
  • System for present and future collaboration to optimize resources.
  • Technology supported decision-making.
  • Funding decisions based on the results of needs assessment.
  • System for involving the broader community in decision-making.
  • Outcome based model for all programs and services.
  • Competition for funding.
  • Involvement of consumers and community in the planning process.
  • Monitoring mechanism for funded programs and services.