Security Division, Training Video

An Introduction to Digital Video Evidence

presented by

Broome County, NY Security Division

Carl A. Fenescey, Director

Barbara J. Fiala, Broome County Executive

Download "An Introduction to Digital Video Evidence" (zipped wmv, 41MB)

While digital video security systems can provide numerous features, capabilities, and benefits to those who implement them, they also provide many unique challenges and issues to law enforcement professionals.

This brief introduction into the world of digital video evidence is intended to provide law enforcement professionals with a better understanding of the basic concepts and related issues.

"I teach classes on video evidence all over the country, and this is information law enforcement agencies need."
- Michael Fergus, President
Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA)

"A great introduction to the whole DV issue at the crime scene level."
- James M. Kennedy, Director
Forensic Video/Multimedia Services
New York State Police

"This video is extremely valuable for agencies whose officers are seizing video from digital video systems. I highly recommend this video be used in Roll Call for every agency."
- Grant Fredericks, Principal Instructor
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