Broome Security & Area Police Crackdown on Food Stamp Fraud

BINGHAMTON, NY - Broome County Security's Case Integrity Unit, in partnership with New York State Police, U.S. Secret Service, Binghamton Police, Johnson City Police and the Broome County District Attorney's Office, executed search warrants on four area retail businesses and one residence this morning. These fraudulent food stamp investigations are conducted in coordination and with the assistance of the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Audit and Quality Control Unit. As a result of the raids, Broome County Security Division arrested two individuals.

Dudu Mia, of 10 South Woodhill Avenue, Binghamton, New York faces multiple charges including;
• 1st Degree criminal possession of public benefit cards, a C felony
• 2nd Degree criminal possession of public benefit cards, a D felony
• 3rd Degree grand larceny, a D felony
• Misuse of food stamps, a D felony

Also charged in connection with this case, Ali Mohammed, of 174 Baldwin Street, Johnson City;
• 4th degree grand larceny, an E felony
• 1st criminal use of public benefit, an E felony
• Misuse of food stamps, an E felony

With warrants in hand, the New York State police along with area police agencies searched the following locations;
• Court Street Getty Mart-208-210 Court Street
• Ali's Halal Meat and Grocery-208 Grand Avenue, Johnson City
• Alaska Market and Grocery-254 Chenango Street, Binghamton
• Mia's Deli-58 Henry Street (closed at the time of the search)
• 10 South Woodhill Avenue, Binghamton (Mia's residence)

“Dudu Mia and Ali Mohammed were using their places of business to fraudulently deal in food stamp transactions,” said James Dadamio, Broome County Security Director. “In working with the New York State Police and other law enforcement agencies we were able to conduct sting operations and through those efforts we were able to assemble enough information to executive the search warrants and make the arrests today.”

“Our Broome Security Division along with our local police are to be commended once again for their work to crackdown on food stamp fraud,” said Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala. “These programs are put in place to help the most vulnerable in our community and we must remain vigilant in making sure the program is not used for criminal activity.”

The investigation began in November of 2006. Law enforcement officials say more than $5,000 dollars in illegal food stamps were transacted solely as a part of their investigation. Police believe that these two operations combined potentially could have transacted nearly $100,000 in illegal food stamps over the past year. Police allege the pair would pay individuals fifty cents for every dollar's worth of food stamps rather than providing food, thereby profiting fifty cents on every dollar.

The investigation is continuing.