Broome County Asks for Summary Judgment in Sick Pay Case

BINGHAMTON, NY - Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala says Broome County Attorney Joseph Sluzar has asked the State Supreme Court Judge overseeing the sick pay lawsuit for a summary judgment. That means Broome County is asking the judge to find in Broome County’s favor right now so that the case would not have to proceed to a trial.

The request comes after months of legal work, filings and depositions in the case that involves former Broome County employees who were improperly paid for sick time they did not use during their time of employment with the county.

Early in 2005, shortly after County Executive Barbara Fiala took office, her administration determined that employees working under previous County Executive Jeffrey Kraham were given checks totaling more than $170,000 for accrued and accumulated sick time. It was and still is County Executive Barbara Fiala’s contention that most of the sick-time payouts given to these employees were not allowed under the administrative rules and should never have been approved. The County sued the 10 former employees to try to get the money returned.

The case has been working its way through the court process and this week Broome County officials asked the court for a summary judgment in hopes of ending the matter once and for all and getting the money returned to Broome County coffers.

“This has gone on long enough,” said Executive Fiala. “The people of Broome County want the money back and I am hopeful the court will agree that the process by which these people received thousands of dollars on their way out the door was simply wrong and needs to be rectified.”

The motion for summary judgment is scheduled for December 15th. County officials say they are hopeful this matter can be put to rest soon so that no additional county taxpayer time or money must be spent litigating the case.