Drive Safely Work Week

Sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), Drive Safely Work Week is a nationally observed campaign designed to help employers emphasize the importance of driving safely both on and off the job to reduce preventable crashes. This year's campaign theme, Take the High Road Share the Road It Belongs to Everyone addresses the special needs and considerations of vulnerable roadway users: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, truck drivers, senior and teen drivers.

As motorists, we share the road with drivers of various ages, skill levels, personalities, habits and idiosyncrasies. We also share the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicles of varying sizes. Understanding the unique limitations and challenges for the various road users we encounter every day will enable us to be more respectful and considerate of our roadway companions and instill positive attitudes towards those who use various modes of transport.

Every day thousands of drivers make the decision to multi-task, speed, tailgate, run red lights and take their aggression out on other road users, putting themselves and others sharing the road at risk. These and other hazardous driving practices coupled with unsafe driver attitudes make the time employees spend in the car the most dangerous part of their day.

During the 2008 Drive Safely Work Week campaign, we hope that campaign participants will become more aware of and understanding of the limitations and challenges that each road user faces whether they are traveling on four wheels or sixteen, two feet or two wheels. All road users have something in common: we are on this road together. It's everyone's responsibility to take the high road and share the road.

During this special week Broome County will demonstrate its commitment to protecting the health and well being of its most valuable assets—its employees and their families. Broome County employees will be able to access important and helpful traffic safety information and tips each day throughout the campaign week on the county website. On the last day of the week, employees can make their commitment to this campaign by pledging to practice safer driving behaviors.

Your agency or organization can participate too and pledge your commitment to safe driving by visiting and reviewing the Drive Safely Work Week campaign materials. For more information about this campaign, please contact Christine Muss, Traffic Safety Coordinator at the Broome County Health Department at 607.778.2807.

10/09/2008 - 12:00am