Human Services

Broome Opioid Abuse Council - BOAC

The Broome Opiate Abuse Council is comprised of several departments in Broome County and is aimed at focusing on problems resulting from the increase of heroin and opiate abuse in our communities. This Council will work with community agencies to ensure we are addressing the following: community education; outreach and prevention; law enforcement’s crackdown on these illegal drugs; opiate abuse treatment; educating medical professionals on the problem as well as the role prescription opioids play.

Community Alternative Systems Agency - CASA

CASA is the central access point for the consumers of long term care, from home care to nursing home. CASA helps families, regardless of age or payor source, to navigate their way through the myriad of long term care options available in Broome County.

Department of Social Services - DSS

An organization which promotes self-sufficiency and assures the protection of vulnerable individuals. We strive to have an organization which values the needs of our customers, the contributions of our staff, and the participation of our community. This vision shall be achieved through a culture which encourages continuous improvement.

Family Violence Prevention Council

Family Violence Prevention Council of Broome County was formed by County Executive Order in December 1985. The original formation of the Council was in response to a cluster of serious child abuse incidences that highlighted the need for better coordination in addressing the problems of abuse and neglect. In 1999, the Council expanded to address all issues of family violence including elder mistreatment, intimate partner violence and child abuse.

Health & Safety

The Broome County Health Department is committed to preserving, promoting, and protecting the public health and well-being of Broome County residents by preventing diseases, protecting the environment and promoting healthful living.

Integrated County Planning (ICP)

Broome County ICP represents a customer oriented system for delivering human services that builds on community and individual strengths and relies on standards, best practices, and outcomes that are valid and measurable. It seeks to accomplish this by combining several existing planning processes into a more streamlined and understandable process that guides the allocation and management of resources.

Mental Health Department

The Broome County Mental Health Department is responsible for planning, developing, and evaluating mental hygiene services in Broome County. These mental hygiene services include alcoholism and substance abuse services, mental health programs, and services for mentally retarded and developmentally disabled citizens. Beyond its regulatory role as the local governmental unit, the Department of Mental Health is also licensed to operate mental health and chemical dependency programs.

Senior Services

We are your first stop for up-to-date, accurate and impartial information on services, programs and benefits for seniors.

Willow Point Nursing Home

Welcome to Willow Point Nursing Home. Broome County is proud to provide long-term, skilled care, and/or short-term rehabilitation to those in need. We serve our Residents by increasing the quality of their lives, at the same time preserving their dignity and independence. All Residents, whether frail, elderly, or disabled are provided with individualized care using a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to care planning.

Youth Bureau

The Broome County Youth Bureau was created in 1971 by a resolution of the Legislature. The Youth Bureau has an Advisory Board which is appointed by the County Executive and the Broome County Legislature. The Youth Advisory Board and its committees meet regularly to discuss policy, to review program applications for funding and to guide and assist the staff.